Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beauty...and slush!

Well, I'm sure I've noticed by now if you are in New York State...it's snowing!!! I always get a little excited at the first snow. It's a beautiful thing, those white wintery flakes floating and flying through the air making elegant spirals. That excitement lasts about .2 seconds and then, I realize with a groan of despair that I have to drive and I HATE driving in the snow! But today, it isn't too bad and I took Steve's advice and decided to forgo the comfy pjs until I had been outside for a bit. That, too, lasted about .2 seconds before my clothes were soaked, my feet freezing and my hands an alarming bluish color I usually only see on my mother (poor thing, she's always cold!)

But I did get some shots of our first winter fiesta from the safety and relative warmth of my porch and livingroom window. What I like about them is the contrast of the slush and the fall leaves which the wind has blown across my porch and onto the porch roof. I also like th texture of the slush in the pictures, which you kind of have to blow up to see (click on a picture and you will see what I mean). Hope your first snow fall finds you enjoying God's creation and the promise of a new season!


linda said...

Jayme, you're entirely too upbeat about this first snow/mess. But nice images, and I guess it was worth documenting. I, however, hear Hawaii calling me louder and louder. If I could go now, I would.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I agree with Linda about the upbeat take on snow, which I too despise. However, I read something different in the pictures which I am attracted to. I see the images as solitude and/or forgotten- left behind. I know, I sound "dark" but I really like isolated images such as yours!

akaGaGa said...

Slush? You took pictures of slush??? Ah, HB, if you had a farm, you'd probably take a shot of the manure pile.

Given the subject matter, tho, they are nice shots. :)

trishalyn said...

BRRRRR...my first reaction when I viewed your images. Then I was struck by the direct contrast from the "warm glow" of the day before. Nice job, Jayme...and I loved your writing, too!

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