Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day of rest

I'm promising myself a day of rest today. No meetings, no worrying about tomorrow or the next day or the next. Instead, I'm enjoying what I've been blessed with: family, simplicity, and the quietness of small towns and autumn roads. Such is the scene for my pictures of the day. Having my eye behind the lens of a camera the last 20 days has shown me that life is only has fast and hectic as we make it. We can choose to stop and look around us or we can choose to rush through the days and miss the splendor that God has placed before us. We can choose to pollute our minds with negativity, destruction, hatred, and anger...or we can choose to uplift our minds with love, peace, and determination to make this a better world. We need to savor moments like this morning, moments where everything is still and fresh and new before the breaking of the dawn. We need to savor each breathe, each whisper of wind through the trees, and each moment with those we love. I think that is what I will do with my day of rest!


linda said...

Jayme, Great images and great sentiments. The statement, "stop and smell the roses" is more truth than cliche. This assignment is turning as much into an exercise in seeing and enjoying life as it is an exercise in improving our photography.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Another great posting! Your words and images are becoming a documented auto-biography. Thanks for sharing insights to your thoughts and dreams.

trishalyn said...

Today's images definitely evoked emotions of love and peace, and your written expression intensified the pleasure. Thanks, Jayme, for your great contribution to our group. (BTW...the sunrise silhouette is really beautiful!)

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