Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little guy puts on a show!

Okay, as I'm leaving for class this morning, I'm thinking, Ick! It's cloudy and dreary out. What the heck am I gonna take a picture of today?! My RPI students? Probably not a good idea...they will most likely still be asleep when I get there. There's nothing exciting going on in the nature department, at least where I was going to be. That left me with a few options: another picture of the wooden giraffe...or...WAIT! Was that a squirrel?

This little guy wasn't too happy to see me at first. He was very chittery (if that's a word) but once he got used to me, I felt like I was taking pictures of a first class model! He kept still for me when I needed him to and his posing is just too cute to pass up. I'm a total animal lover so I really enjoyed the opportunity. Plus, being it is a pretty busy college campus, this little guy probably gets a lot of attention anyway. Hope you enjoy. No sage words today, just a cute furry critter!


Anonymous said...

That's one fat "little" squirrel, and in the third picture he does look like he's posing. "Hey, wanna see my belly?"

Too cute!

linda said...

Good captures, Jayme. I know the feeling about thinking it was too dreary today. We are getting stretched, aren't we?

Framing Images and Memories said...

Oh my God, did you pay this squirrel to model? He couldn't have posed more perfectly! Lucky you to have found him, nice job!

trishalyn said...

OMG...too cute for words! Can't decide which one I like best. You did a great job...even captured a silhouette for me. OK, I know you didn't take that image just for me. :-) It WAS a dreary day around here, yet you still managed to get some winners. Wonderful job, keep me motivated, too!

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