Thursday, October 30, 2008

"X" marks the spot

Desperate to stay in the contest, I frantically pull off the road near an old farm and catch the shadows of a fading dusk against a roofless milk house. See the "X"? Whew, thought I wasn't gonna make it for a minute:)

P/S My mom is on Bridget's blog!!!!!


Bridget said...

awesome picture.
i am continuously surprised at what a great eye you have.
i hope your mom doesn't mind being a "victom" of my blogging

Framing Images and Memories said...

Don't stress too much to get a picture posted. It is only a silly, small contest among friends. What's a trophy and bragging rights? Who cares?? DANG IT! You did it again!

linda said...

Hey, don't listen to Steve, he just wants us all to fall on our faces, so he can win the trophy next time. It's not that he's competitive or anything!! Good job with your image and keeping up with the pace. I saw your mom on Bridget's blog--she's as adorable as ever.

trishalyn said...

Your first "letter"...I'm so proud of you! Seriously, nice do have a great eye! (Though I am NOT giving up my trophy without a fight!). :-)

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