Saturday, November 22, 2008

A beautiful retreat house

Today, I went with other consistory members of my church to a day long retreat at a facility in Schoharie. It was a beautifully renovated house with comfortable sofas, plush chairs, a kitchen and dining room and everything else you could want. The house was a very relaxing atmosphere to get work done in. What captured me most was the pattern of this chair and how the morning sunlight seemed to be drawn to that little corner of a small library.

I also liked the window seats so I did a self portrait of me reading my bible. It is still morning and the sun is trying to filter in through the shades.

Probably the best picture though was even earlier this morning when I met my mom before driving up there. She lovingly heated up a corn bag for both of us and we posed together with our freezing cold bluish purple toes!


linda said...

Very awesome images. I couldn't pick a "favorite". I love the first two because of the beautiful light coming in the room, your portrait because of the pose and natural light, and the whimsy of the feet image. Great creative thinking today. Good job.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I would BUY the first image. I would be so drawn to it in a gallery or shop. I love the light but I perceive a mood as well. It is my own imagination but I feel the stillness, maybe emptiness that only the light can fill. In any it!!!

Bridget said...

very nice pix jayme.thelighting and composition on the first 2 were exceptional.
i laughed at the one of your mom and you warming your feet.
the chilly bones must run in the family:)

trishalyn said...

Stunning images, Jayme!!! I absolutely love the first image...the light is gorgeous! I'm also drawn to your lovely has a soft, dreamy mood to it. Feet were cute, too. Can't wait to get my corn bags! :-)

akaGaGa said...

Yep, the first one is a winner. I want to sit in that chair, in the sunlight, and think deep thoughts.

And who had the idea for the toes - you or Colorful Caro? Thinking outside the box must be in the genes.

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