Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Light in the Darkness or the Darkness in the Light?

Two things happened today that make my blog title for the day hard to decide on. Firstly, The Light in the Darkness: I was paid a compliment by a fellow teacher who told me he has never seen the kids enjoy poetry in 7th grade. But they are! To be honest, because of the nature of this particular class, I was starting to doubt my abilities. I've actually been questioning myself the last few weeks, wondering if I'm a good teacher, wondering if the people who stood up for me have been disappointed in my abilities after fighting so hard to get me here. That compliment was the Light, along with the fact that my struggling students are actually enjoying an art form most people consider to be dead!

Then, The Darkness in the Light: How the HECK did it get dark out so quickly?!? I'm leaving home in the dark and arriving back in the dark. UGH! I hate that part:)

Anyway, my photos today are representative of my focus...completely out of whack!

Sneak preview: The Tolerance video (turn your speakers on) I'm playing tomorrow for the middle school, made by Tech YES kids and myself. Forgive the rap music, but the message in this song is perfect for the kids:)


linda said...

I didn't listen to the video and probably won't until tomorrow, but I can relate to your feelings about the kids enjoying poetry. It's a testament to your passion and personality. Go girl!!

Bridget said...


Framing Images and Memories said...

awesome awesome awesome...I so LOVE the video. I just soak up motivational/educational words and music.
Your picture speaks to be me of confusion, clutter and mess. I hope that if that is the case you are able to straighten it out soon.
Nice work Jayme!

trishalyn said...

This morning I only had time to watch a couple of minutes of your video, but I sure loved what I saw!!! I told my husband that he has got to see it. What a powerful message! I think you are only doubting your abilities because you ARE a talented, caring teacher. "Keep the faith, baby!" (as my father used to say).

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