Monday, December 15, 2008

Playing with matches

Okay, I wasn't really playing with matches. But my apartment was chilly when I got home today. I decided to light some candles and then I remembered Linda's glass bottle. First, I had some fun just flicking the candle lighter and I caught this cool shot in aperature mode: Then I used the candle lighter in near darkness to create the shadow from the bottle. I also used an old photo filter and poster edges with a fade. The orange-ish glow is the actual color of the entire photo because of the lighter, but the fade makes it seem like just the bottle is glowing, which I think is really cool. Not spectacular, but I don't have time for spectacular! Meetings, quizzes to grade, all the usual stuff.


Framing Images and Memories said...

You try all sorts of cool things and your images are interesting to look at! I admire your bravery and "vision". Nice job...and don't play with matches, ok?

linda said...

Very interesting and creative. Nice job.

Bridget said...

cool shots.
kind of moody.
please be careful with the matches.

philmary said...

beautiful colors ,that is a beautiful blue

trishalyn said...

For being so busy, Jayme, you managed to get quite creative. Loved what you did with the bottle!

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