Thursday, January 22, 2009

No pets and a busy S.O.

I never got the message about our assignment tonight, but luckily, Linda had already posted. What about those of us without pets and with an unavailable Significant Other? I guess I have to resort to a stuffed animal :) That's fine by me! I still have plenty of them, waiting to be able to give them to my own children someday. I chose the pink elephant because it is soft and fuzzy and was (yes, you guessed it!) a gift from my mother. As a child, I always pretended that stuffed animals were really alive and could hear you and talk to you...and that they would get lonely if you didn't pick them up and hug them once in awhile! This little guy definitely needed a hug and come to think of it, I could use one myself!


philmary said...

What are the tusks made of?

trishalyn said...

Oh, is your hug: O
As a matter of fact, here are a bunch of hugs:
You get a gold star for posting a real self-portrait...I didn't have as much courage as you.
P.S. I love reading about your memories. Maybe that could be your project for 2009...your book of memories - "Growing up with Mom" or something like that. Hope things look brighter for you tomorrow. :-)

akaGaGa said...


Linda said...

Good idea, Jayme, and definitely very brave of you to do such a great self-portrait. I think a favorite stuffed animal is a great substitution.

philmary said...

I ask about the tusks. because the way you talk about the elephant and the way you pose him really brings him alive. I have never seen a 12" red elephant in America

Bridget said...

you look so cute and young in your self portrait!

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