Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playing with the tree before I take it down

I will probably leave the tree up for a few more days, but in the meantime, there is just enough of a lull in the photographic action to try another tree picture. This time, it is with some aperature adjustments. What do you think?


trishalyn said...

Very cool!!! Looks like you were having fun playing with your tree! My favorite is #2. Nicely done, Jayme!

Bridget said...

i think they are great!
very clever.
i like that you are experimenting with your camera.
good job jayme:)

Linda said...

Love the yellow color and the swirls. Can't decide which one I like best. Isn't it fun to just play and experiment--great learning experience too.

Framing Images and Memories said...

fun photos and cool effects. you are going to have to teach me some of these tricks. oh yeah, I think you need more followers! :)

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