Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busy day

Sorry, but this will have to be my picture today. I have school, then a meeting, then a wake, then a dinner invitation, THEN an Ash Wednesday service. Very busy! But to make up, I'm also posting two from The Glen Store yesterday:


Bridget said...

i love this shot.i like it's simpicity and the way the shadow falls.
the glen store shots are also very nice.
ash wednesday?can this mean spring is really coming this year?

trishalyn said...

Why are you apologizing? I really love your door image! The color gives off a feeling of warmth, and the shadow adds interest. I also like the little paint brings a touch of realism to the image and made me smile. P.S. I also envy you for having finished your daily post! :-)

meganrockerstar1 said...

nice job love the oranges

Linda said...

I really like the top image of the door with door knob. Good job.

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