Sunday, February 22, 2009

Giving hands

Friends of mine, Judy and Russ Kelly, are leaving on Saturday for a medical mission in the Dominican Republic. Judy is a nurse and has been on missions before in the United States and also in Hati. I took my camera to church today and after church, a bunch of us prayed over her. We did what is known as laying of hands. This is a biblical practice and basically it is when people place their hands on someone and pray for them. It is a very beautiful thing. I remember some of those same people laying hands on me before I went to Africa and it is a wonderful feeling having people place their hands on you and pray really hard for your safety and for your mission. Here are some pictures I got:
The decorative top of the pew with stain glass in the background.

Judy's hands, filled with the love she is bringing with her to the Dominican Republic:
The hands of three lady's, dear to my heart: Judy, Gloria and my mom:
And over all these virtues, put love, which binds them all together in perfect unity
~Colossians 3:14


Framing Images and Memories said...

Terrific images. I always enjoy stories where the power of positive energy is involved. The first photo is lovely and the interlocking hands-also very special. I was interested to hear about missions within the U.S. We certainly don't need to look hard to find people in need all over the planet. good work
p.s. thanks for your comments today

Bridget said...

what a beautiful blog.
the idea of praying with the laying of hands on the person prayed for is touching.
all the images are great.
love them all .

philmary said...

I would find that very difficult..Talk God at the same time you physically united with intimate friends..but I guess that is why it is so powerful

trishalyn said...

Beautiful images...beautiful thoughts! Very powerful posting.

Linda said...

Great images. I especially LOVE the top one with the pew and then the stained glass window out of focus. Nice job. And good for Judy and Russ. I've never gotten to know them well, but have always liked them.

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