Sunday, March 15, 2009

A great weekend!

(Most recent picture of some of the Kalomo orphans in Zambia)

This was really a fantastic weekend. First, yesterday the conference. We heard testimony from a mother whose son committed first degree murder. It was a complicated story, but the strength she has and her son, who is in jail for life without the possibility of parole, has now become a missionary in the prision, sharing his faith with other prisoners. It was very touching and strong testimony to the power of God in people's lives. Then, today, I got to preach at another church about my Africa trip and what a blessing it was! God really used me today and gave me the words He wanted me to say. They actually were going to pay me which I couldn't believe, but instead, we're giving it to Launch Out Ministires for Kalomo. I recently learned that the orphanage I visited last June lost all their funding so the building has been repossessed by the government and about 75 children have nowhere to go. My friend, Pastor Malala, is helping to place these children in other families, but they desperately need basic items like clothing and blankets as the cold season is about to start. Then, God blessed me again by allowing my church to donate $1000 to this cause! WOW! I'm still in shock. I can't wait to tell Pastor Malala!!!!!

To top off a great weekend, I decided it was time for a change and got a haircut by a cute little Puerto Rican girl who attacked my locks with the vigor of a soldier hacking through the jungle!!! I won't show you the whole thing, but the picture should give you an idea about how drastic a change this is!

Here is another picture from that cute little shoe store yesterday!


meganrockerstar1 said...

YOU CUT YOUR HAIR WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!! Any way i like the pic of the kids and i also like the pic of the bottles

lindsey said...

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DID YOU DO THAT. Sorry I am not being supportive of your new change , but I liked it the old way. In any event mom thinks it looks very nice and grown up. In other positive news I love the other two posts you have great job. I will most certenly be stopping by in the mornig to see the new dew.

J.L.Velez said...

Sorry kids! Needed a change. You'll understand someday when you're older :)!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Im sure your hair cut is great! I obviously don't have the same attachment to hair! ha.. Great news about your hard work, bringing awareness to the cause of those precious children. Im happy to hear that you had such a wonderful weekend!

Bridget said...

god bless your little charges!
god is good and you are an angel!
the haircut pix is a tease but i think i like it:)
don't keep us in suspense.

trishalyn said...

Sounds like you had quite a weekend! It's just wonderful that you are getting some support for your Kalomo orphans. What are the children clutching in that sweet photo? Also, another great self-portrait. Can't wait to see your cute, short hair, and I applaud your courage!!! :-)

Linda said...

Great post. Love the story/information in spite of its sadness. Congratulations on the donation from your church.

And congratulations on the new hairdo. That took courage, but from the looks of the "teaser" photo (which is very clever, by the way), I think it will be adorable. We get to see it in total soon, don't we? I know Steve and Trish will get a preview, but what about Phil, Bridget and me?

Linda said...

PS--got the book. Thanks

philmary said...

I admire your single mindedness of your purpose of aid to African Children> I supported a child in Children International in Peru but she always seemed to be distant and "elsewhere" You seem to have a genuine bonding ability

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