Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Family

In true chivalric fashion, my brother Jonathan made a life decision before leaving for the Marines. That life decision was to ask his girlfriend, Breanna, to be his wife. It's very sweet and romantic in my opinion. My mom asked me today to come over after church and take some pictures of the ring. It was Jonathan's grandmother's ring. Jonathan did not get to see it on Bre's finger before he left because it had to be resized. So I took some pictures that we are going to send to him. The first one, I love! I've got my mom holding up an old camo blanket in the background as a backdrop for the photo:

Then, some normal pictures with just her hand and the ring:

To top it off, I decided to add some filters for fun!

This one reminds me of an album cover for The Who!

Finally, we took a girls shot which I was actually in, but I decided to crop myself out because I look horrid today...and I think it's perfect with just mom and Bre. Ironically, if you enlarge you'll see a sign behind them and check out the only word visible in the sign!


Framing Images and Memories said...

very nice job on all the pictures. The third from the bottom is my favorite. I love that filter, considering the subject matter. The placement of that filter is perfect! As always, nice job combining sense of family with the photo.

Bridget said...

congratulations to you all.
what a nice welcome to your futuresister in law.
the shots are all great.youa are so clever with the filters.
my fav is the 2 girls:)

meganrockerstar1 said...

aw so sweet and the ring is increadible and I don't think you should of croped yourself out and congrates to your bro and the new to be wife

trishalyn said...

Love the filters you applied...especially the second one...very creative! I also love the last photo of your mom and future sister-in-law...the sign in the background was perfect! Great job of welcoming the newest member of your family...and congratulations to you all! (Have you heard from your brother?)

Linda said...

Oh, congratulations to you and your family. Breanna must be so happy but also sad that he's gone for now. Will they marry soon? Now your mom has another daughter! Nice filters on the ring shots. Good for you for experimenting.

philmary said...

Another member of your family. What is it like to have such an extended family so close by? I like the simplicity of the ring alone in the third image

The last image is interesting with its contrasts and symmetry (that word again )

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