Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why am I posting so early on a Saturday?!?

I'm ready to go and teach, but all morning I've been bouncing off the walls about our projects for the year and coming up with ideas for mine in particular. A former student introduced me to the free editing program called Photoscape and I downloaded it to see if there were any interesting filters. One, called Antique, helped me create this photo. I took some pictures of the word, "Tribe" in the dictionary because it has something to do with my project. Then I applied the antique filter and then used another filter, reflection, which wasn't great but I'd figure I'd give it a whirl. Also applied a paint filter to give the edges of the letters an older feel:

I cropped the second image and again applied an antique filter to it:

Now for a previous picture. This was taken at the photo field trip the other night. I used Trish's camera. I spied the shadows on the wall caused by slanted lighting. Trish gets props on this one because her lighting settings are awesome on that camera! The wall was actually creme colored but her cloudy setting made it turn into a warm orange glow. It looks like the wall itself is textured, but that is actually all just shadow! Pretty cool stuff. I love to use shadows:)


trishalyn said...

I love these! Jayme, you're putting us all to shame!!! The shadow image is amazing! (And I'm still mad at myself for not "finding" it!). Back to the present...I love your dictionary images! The filters you applied are cool and add an interesting element to the images. Once again, GREAT JOB! (I'm also envious that at 9:10 a.m. you are all done with your daily homework!).
:-) Enjoy your day!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Excellent job. The shadow image is excellent..very cool! Like Trish, I should have seen it first! I also love the photo filter effect. It really adds interest to the photo.

Linda said...

I like them all but especially the second one with the text and rough edges. Nice thinking.

Bridget said...

i am amazed at your cleverness , again!
the dictionary images are cool, the shadow is super!!!
another great job!

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