Sunday, April 5, 2009

200th post! For Bridget and Steve

Spent some time in the giant garage sale today (a.k.a. Sally's, Sal's, or Salvation Army). Thought I'd try treasure hunting like Steve does. I found a beautiful wooden bowl and inspired by Bridget's easter baskets, took these partial shots.

From there I decided to play around a little and got this by moving the camera while shooting(noise filter, higher contrast, enlarge to see):

Almost as though a ghost was pouring out of the bowl. Also noticed the light coming in from a crack in the table on this picture. Would not have seen it if I hadn't moved the camera.

I had to take over 50 pictures to find these that I liked. Glad I didn't stop though. Thank you for the inspiration, Bridget and Steve. Your beautiful bowls and partial photos, Bridget, and your willingness to find a treasure to shoot, Steve, have both influenced me!


Bridget said...

i love these!
you did some very clever work with your new treasure.
i must worn you though,the bowl thing can be addictive:)
thanks for the mention:)

Framing Images and Memories said...

Glad you found a treasure to photograph! Shooting something new gives us a little more interest, doesn't it? I mean over 50 shots! You were motivated! Nice results too!

philmary said...

What great color and texture..So rich!

trishalyn said...

I love how you "worked the subject," captured some beautiful images! Great creativity...I love how you are not afraid to experiment. Now I'm inspired!!! :-)

Linda said...

Nice thinking with the bowls. My favorite is the third one. I love that effect of moving the camera or zooming the lens. Nice work and nice perseverance to shoot 50 shots!

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