Friday, April 3, 2009

A poem

you think you know me
but I’m really a mystery
a rough and jagged piece of sand beaten by the crashing waves
you think you know me
but I’m really the rain
imperfect silent a steady splash against
the cool glass
you think you know me
but I’m really a song
notes of peace and sadness desperately trying to be heard
above the chaos
you think you know me
but I’m really the photograph
tucked away in a crumbling old box
the one you never look at
because you’re afraid
to see
to know



trishalyn said...

WOW!!! Jayme...this is incredible!!! I'm really speechless. You are a beautiful writer, and the image is gorgeous...haunting, moody, perfect for your poem. This verse and photo need to be published!!!!!! (PLEASE CONSIDER ENTERING THIS AND YOUR POEM IN THE SHOW!!!) (IS THIS CONSIDERED A POEM OR VERSE? YOU'RE THE ENGLISH TEACHER!) Awesome work, Jayme!!!

trishalyn said...

P.S. Well, I took another look and feel rather insipid right had "A poem" listed right at the top! Duh!!! I still really, really love this! How about printing and placing in a double frame? Poem on one side...your photo on the other! :-)

meganrockerstar1 said...

Awesome job I <3 the picture and the poem is incredible

Framing Images and Memories said...

I agree with the ladies. Amazing job. The poem is full of emotion and evokes many images in my mind such as the one you shot. I picture the same 'mood' in your photo in a series of you around your place. This photo is another show stopper. This and the other, curtain photo together coming together as a will steal the show!

philmary said...

Poem analysis 101

You are nature and forces of nature, dynamic and primordial ,but you really turn out to be ....?

photo in a crumbling old box ?

Bridget said...

jayme, one of your best!
the image is haunting as is the poem.
i do hope you use your self portraits for the show.
( i am applauding :)

Linda said...

Great post! You come up with some awesome self-portraits. I think that should be your project, self-portraits on one page with a poem or regular text on the facing page. Nice,nice job.

lindsey said...

I love the poem it was amazing and the pic the same keep u pthe exceptional work

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