Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trying to get the chair the way I like it!

I had several comments on the chair with the red door from Sunday. I however, was unhappy with the piece because it was crooked. So this evening, I went to try to get it right. It was really tough. Either I am extremely bad at lining up a photo or the porch isn't level or something! I can't seem to get this thing straight:) I tried really hard to get the chair and door straight in the frame but finally had to settle with this shot:

However, I didn't stop there. I kept looking for a better angle or more interesting shot and finally, I've got it to where I'm nearly NEARLY satisfied in this picture.
Which do you like best? I think we are our own worst critics sometimes!


Linda said...

Good for you for going back and trying again. I like the second one better (a lot). Try again and include the entire leg that is closest to the foreground.

trishalyn said...

I just lost my long comment I had written...grrrr! I'd guess the porch is not level, so please no more stressing! :-) I can't choose a favorite...the image I'm currently viewing is the one I like best. :-) Glad you went back to re-shoot this very interesting subject. Great job, Jayme!

Framing Images and Memories said...

I think I too like the second picture best and thank you for re-working it. I like the entire scene so much. I know your struggles. If you include all four legs then it isnt as much of a close-up which is nice. If you cut a leg off and get real close, like in photo 1 then it isnt the angle you were looking for. I still think this is a winning photo..maybe include that leg as Linda suggested and then compare.. plus, it gives you yet another day!

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