Thursday, May 14, 2009

My back up for this assignment

My originial plan was really cool, but I also knew that the weather might not hold out. And sure enough, it didn't! So here is a picture of car parts today. Steve came in the other morning frantically wanting my drawing skills (which by the way are non-existent!) I can draw trees and stick people, that's about it. But I summoned my superhero abilities and was able to draw this masterpiece for his classroom. Can you guess by the back end what kind of car this is supposed to be:)


Framing Images and Memories said...

So creative. I appreciate this a lot since I also know what the entire "car picture" looks like, how big it is, etc. You did a great job of keeping the interest of the drawing and yet adding much more with the text!

Linda said...

Really imaginative post. What a good idea. And your drawing skills don't seem to be as bad as you imply. Love the VW bug. Right?

Bridget said...

very clever drawing and photo.
of course it is a vw bug.
have you noticed it rains every thursday.

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