Thursday, May 7, 2009

Running in the shadows, sad something

Steve's assignment for today was shadows, inspired by his favorite person, of course, Stevie Nicks. The lyric above is from the song, Golddust woman. Thinking of that, plus the shadow assignment, I had no idea what to shoot, but was envisioning soft golden shadows and suddenly remembered a recent moleskin I found. Moleskin books have been around for about two centuries and were written in by many famous artists, composers and writers. I have a few around and I randomly write things down: beginnings and endings of stories, songs, whatever is on my mind. I've never filled one up, but I imagine my children and grandchildren finding them all over the place when I am dead and gone and reading the scattered pieces that were once my life. I love this assignment by the way, Steve, because I feel like a shadow myself these days, wondering if anyone truly does see the real me.

The first two I need help deciding on: The first one, the candle is slightly out of focus and the words are in focus.

The second, the candle is sharp with the moleskin blurred.

Which do you like?

These last two I just like alot. More golden shadows and a halo-ed candle with very low light settings. I hope it counts for a shadow.

(Enlarge for full filter effect)


lindsey said...

amazing job with all of the pics i think my favorite pic is the one of the book with the words. keep up the great work.

trishalyn said...

These are all beautiful, Jayme!!! I'm having a difficult time choosing a favorite. I think I like the image with the candle in focus. But I really like reading the words. How about a 3rd choice? One with the candle sharply focused and the words just SLIGHTLY out of focus, but sharp enough to be read. It will take some experimenting with DOF. You did an awesome job with this assignment!!! :-)

Bridget said...

my favorite is the one with the words in focus,beautiful image!
i really like the last one also. just let your light shine jayme .how can you not feel the wonderful energy you bring whereever you go?!

philmary said...

i like the first one with the words in focus

Hemmingway wrote in moleskin books

Framing Images and Memories said...

So...what I said before which didn't post is that I really really like these because it isn't the obvious shadow photo (like I did). I always think, by the way, that it is preferable to cast your own gentle shadows than it is to stand in another person's shadow where you can get lost.

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