Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy and Sad~ Phil's Assignment

It's as if this assignment were just for me, Phil! This picture isn't a very good one, BUT it represents what makes me happy and sad at the moment:
Happy and extremely proud of my brother Jonathan for becoming a Marine and giving of himself to serve this country. Very sad that I can not be there for his big day tomorrow. But I will wear this shirt and think of him every moment! AND I get to pick him up from the airport :)


Linda said...

Hey, good for you that you found one object that answered both the happy/sad requirement. I, being the literalist that I am, was wondering what TWO objects I could find.

Maybe I'll change my thought process now.

The reunion at the airport will be wonderful,you must be jumping out of your skin.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I agree with Linda..creative idea and inspirational story! In your writing I can feel your family's pride and heartfelt joy!

trishalyn said...

PERFECT interpretation of the assignment! Ditto to the above comments as well. I know your family is so proud...congratulations to your brother!!! :-)

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