Sunday, June 28, 2009

Heaven is a day with family

Best of luck to Jonny as he goes tomorrow to Advanced Infantry Training in N.C. See you in about a month little brother!
I'll be praying for your safety.
When all is said and done, no one will remember the beginning or the end. It's the middle that counts the most!


trishalyn said...

Very clever presentation of a BEAUTIFUL, PROFESSIONAL family portrait!!! I'm sure you'll get this one enlarged, matted and framed! Just gorgeous, Jayme, and a special family memory that you have preserved for eternity! AWESOME!!!!!

Bridget said...

you should go in the business!
this is a great formal portrait of your family.
it will be a treasure for all of you!!!
god bless jonathan.

lindsey said...

Grreat pic that is deffently one for the photo album. Keep up the great work.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Wonderful picture. I love the background against your blue shirt. All the best wishes to your brother and family. He is fortunate to have such loving support...p.s. who teaches spelling? ha.

philmary said...

People are so relaxed and attuned to each other .That certianly is professional looking I just noticed how cool you have put the portrait inside a heavenly sky> What os the famous line from Anna Karina,,Happy families all happy in the same way while unhappy families are unhappy in many different ways

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