Sunday, June 14, 2009

The waiting game

After church, Bri, Mom, John and I went home immediately...there was a chance that Jonathan might be able to call today and let us know that he made it through the Crucible, the grilling 50 hour climax to bootcamp and was officially a Marine. We waited by the phone...
Watched the clock...

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But the call didn't come. Not to worry, there's probably just a long line at the phones:) In the mean time, a nap on the lawn was definitely a good option. Sorry these images are rotated. Can't seem to get them the way I want them...just tilt your head:) Proud of myself for the getting the spider pick below. I'm petrified of them. Granted...Steve's lens makes this guy look huge, but he was nearly as small as a piece of lint!
4:01 PM: Bri gets the call...Jonny is now a Marine! It's a short call but at least it is official! A Marine in the family...can't wait to see him:)


Linda said...

Love the images and the story. What tension, waiting for that phone call. Just the other day I was wondering how Jon was doing and was going to ask. Now I know.

Congratulations to him and to all of you.

So when will you conduct the tutorial to teach me how to do that gimmiky thing you did with the clock?

lindsey said...

Great pics and congrats On the news

Framing Images and Memories said...

How proud you must all be of Jonathan! Terrific story to be told here. How many families of military men and women have spent hours upon hours waiting for a call from their loved ones? Powerful and moving! I'm glad that the call came!

trishalyn said...

Congratulations to Jonathan...I know you all are so proud of him!!!
Great job on your images: amazing spider photo, loved the green leaves pic, ticking of the clock is spectacular, and thoughtful image of the flower/phone. Great story...glad it had a happy ending! :-)

Bridget said...

i know how proud you all are of your marine(and well you should be!)
the spider image is wonderful!
good use of your waiting time:)

philmary said...

Well what did he say ?.He must be exhausted..What expereience have you gone through that would be a stressful as the Crucible?

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