Saturday, July 11, 2009

My favorite cooking herb

My grandmother (Mama) from PR uses Cilantro in her wonderful rice and beans and I have taken a great liking to it in my hamburger. Yummy! It just reminds me of Puerto Rico and all the scents in the air when you walk along a beach, looking for food.


Framing Images and Memories said...

Your pictures for the last week are terrific. The pictures of the kids could be in a pamphlet from that place..u should send it to them..really. especially the kid with the opened-mouth yell and the two smiling..The nature picture with the leaves also really caught my eye with that light coming through..looks like Autumn..Finally the cloud photo is awesome. You are catching some great sky photos!

Bridget said...

i also like cilantro.
have you had fresh?

lindsey said...

Nice job keep it up.

trishalyn said...

I think Dave uses cilantro when he cooks. Thanks for the tip...will have to try it! :-)

Linda said...

I keep hearing about Cilantro, but haven't used it myself. Guess I should take your advice and try it. (hey, there's a theme for someone to choose for a Thurs. assignment--"Photograph your favorite cooking ingredient".

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