Saturday, August 29, 2009

Always things to do with a new house

have a list of things I've been trying to get done: painting, curtains for the downstairs, calling for floor refinishing estimates, laundry, etc. etc. etc. It never ends, but in a way I'm glad because this house will someday be beautiful!

Unfortunately for me, Mike is in Maine again and I wish I was there too. He'll be back soon and I hope I finish some painting before he gets here. I also have many pictures that have to be re-framed and hung so that is also on the above list and it is my picture for today. Also, a nice portrait of mom from the birthday party the other night


trishalyn said...

You have a beautiful mother!!! I love the filter you applied to image #1 to capture that old-fashioned look!

Hope you get all of your "HONEY DOs" done before Mike gets back! :-)

Framing Images and Memories said...

I like your staging of scenes like in the first photo. I agree with Trish about the filter. Your mother has become a very cooperative model for you!

Zezee's View said...

The picture of your mother is beautiful and I really like the first photo with that "old fashioned" look!

Linda said...

I'll just ditto what everyone else has said. I totally agree with you about the never-ending jobs that are necessary when owning a home. But there is much satisfaction with all the accomplishments that go along with it.

Bridget said...

nice portrait of your mom who is a beauty in every way.
i also like the filter you applied to the first image.

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