Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another rainy day!

The first picture is from my mom's house, a gift a co-worker gave her. Spent the morning at church, then watched the official recording of Jonny's graduation.
These two, I took yesterday evening when I noticed a chattering outside the kitchen. At one point, there were over 15 barn swallows just hanging out on the garage!


Semperfi_love said...

I Love the last little bird! He is adorable!! I will be home this friday!! woo hoo! Tea party sunday?? :-)

Linda said...

Nice images, both the "flag" and the birds.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I like the middle photo and think the chipped paint adds character to the photo. Also, one can never go wrong with patriotism.

trishalyn said...

The 2nd one is my favorite, too. I love the lines in this one...and who can resist those birds? Nice capture! :-)

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