Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First hike of the year is a 3-in-1

Today I got up and decided to go hiking. After much debating, I decided on a familiar spot, Hope Falls outside of Northville. I'd been there several times, BUT I'd only gone to the FIRST falls...there are actually 3 of them. So off I went in search of the secret second and third falls. This is the first falls, known as Hope falls:

Roughly 1 mile passed this comes the second falls, deep in the woods and much more secluded:
And finally just a few yards more until the most beautiful in my opinion, third falls:
Of course, these photos can't show you how peaceful the soul feels while it wanders alone in the woods. Nor can they express how the forest empowers and enlightens. But perhaps they can serve as a testament to the glow I feel in silently wandering through this splendid creation!


Framing Images and Memories said...

I need to do that's been years and I too never had gone to the second and I will!
Great photos with the silky feeling to it.

trishalyn said...

I did that hike once! :-) Looks like you really enjoyed yourself. My favorite of the series is the last one...I feel like I can take that path and walk right through those woods! Great job!!!

philmary said...

The description of your adventure is soothing and refreshing in itself. Having many times dwelt on my mortality ,your Thursdays post concerning the fragments of our final remains gives happy solace

Bridget said...

it is so difficult to capture the beauty of a deep woods hike but you did it.
these are lovely esp the water images.

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