Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Organ donation, week 2

This group successfully gets 17 people to consider organ donation, a total of 136 lives that may be saved some day. Here the boys hold up their hands to represent the number 17. Earlier in the day, the group huddles with the organ donation presenters around a real human kidney, each of their personalities distinct in the shot!


Linda said...

Great group shots. I love how the personalities show and their apparent enthusiasm.

What a great cause, too.

trishalyn said...

You really know how to capture your subjects' personalities! These are wonderful, Jayme...I love them!!!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Great job of showing the hands with 17 fingers..great way to showcase that moment. You sure look like you are experiencing some adventures this summer.

Bridget said...

great job capturing the spirit of these young people who obviously feel comfortable with there teacher.

philmary said...

136 divided by 17 is 8..What are the 8 organs you are talking about? The kids must have just gotten a mind boggeling crash course in anatomy,,What is the boy in the second picture holding up.

The girl in the first picture is bright and sweet

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