Monday, September 7, 2009

Salvation Army find

I love the salvation army! Got this skirt there last week and it is so unique with these buttons sewn in one corner at the bottom. You never know what treasures you might find there.


Zezee's View said...

Oh WOW! I LOVE anything with buttons - great find!

Anonymous said...

i also love those stores, for the same reason...but i have a hard time convincing my familiy the i generally try to go alone, less of a fight!

i always find a treasure, well usually! :)

Linda said...

Good find. I'd be interested to see the entire skirt. It's always fun when a shopping excursion like that results in a great find.

trishalyn said...

Love the buttons...what a wonderful treasure you found! BTW...I love those stores, too!!!

Bridget said...

great shopping score:)
i love to see the fall fabrics,the wooly herrinbone tweed is so pretty.

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