Thursday, September 17, 2009

We wear the mask- my assignment

It's pretty hard to beat out the interesting and well placed elements that Steve came up with for my assignment, but here is my take. I gave the assignment, The Masks We Wear, thinking that it would be interesting if we all tried to take a picture of something that we hide behind, whether it be materials, other people, whatever...I wanted something symbolic, but what I ended up with was a literal mask, the mask of makeup. For thousands of years, females have worn makeup to enhance or cover features of their faces and bodies. As a pre teen and teenager, makeup begins to become something you must have because its in all the magazines and your friends are wearing it. The problem is not necessarily the makeup, but more of how the makeup makes you feel. It becomes something that if you suddenly don't have it on, you feel embarrassed or vulnerable somehow. Advertising makes women feel as though they have to look a certain way to be successful, worthy, loved, etc. It all comes back to what society tells us is "beautiful". Will I ever stop using makeup? Probably not. But it is not something that drives my life; if I forget the mascara, oh well! Besides, I'm too busy worrying about my inside imperfections to waste too much time on the outside ones. I do think a mask becomes dangerous if it consumes your life and you can't let it go.


Anonymous said...

that is soooo true!

remember, you're beautiful the way you are!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Interesting take on the "mask" that women hide behind. It is such a fascinating topic to me, as a male, because I think the pressure for women often comes from other women. Women buy the magazines and the makeup and women compare themselves to others... a shame.
Very nice photo to go along with the thought provoking meaning behind the image.

trishalyn said...

LOVE IT!!! Great combination of images...I love the b/w with just a touch of color in the makeup. Terrific writing to accompany your photos....I love the whole presentation. Awesome job!!!

Zezee's View said...

I agree with Trish - Great images and writing as well!

Bridget said...

wonderful job!
i would advise that you have little to worry about on the inside or the outside.
you are a beautiful person in every way and you share yourself so generously.
a little light in all of our world's that know you:)

Linda said...

Really nice presentation with the two different images. I agree that the bw with just a touch of color is very effective.

The writing and images definitely enhance each other.

philmary said...

History of thousands of years encapsulated in teenage trauma and self conscious misery..Beautiful written expression of the intensity of this problem and the ability to later pull back from it

Your self portrait at 30 is smiling looking straight ahead

good girl

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