Monday, October 5, 2009

A feeling of excitement

I never really expected to win anything at the Hagaman art show this weekend. I didn't even really have much time to spend there, what with teaching all day Saturday, Mama's party, Church, etc. But having own this award was so very exciting to experience. It serves as a confirmation to me that maybe I really can do this photography thing. It's the same feeling I get when I write a good poem or song, but different in the sense that I am pouring myself into a different kind of medium. I still feel somewhat amazed and undeserving, especially after seeing the sheer amount of talent at the show and what was produced by other artists. All I can say is the confirmation feels so good and I hope I get the chance to experience it again. Strangely enough, this photograph was taken at a time when I was feeling a little lost and unsure, and now it is a source of elation and confidence.
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trishalyn said...

Congratulations, Jayme, on your well deserved award! I am so excited for you...and proud of you and your accomplishment!!!!! You've won ribbons in every competition you've entered. WAY TO GO!!!!!! :-)

Joel MacKenzie said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Patty said...

Congrats. A well-deserved award. I am like the plumber with no water. I have only entered photo contests two times in 20 years (I won, too).

I don't have one of my photos framed. They are all stored in folders in my computer. That is pretty sad. Maybe you have inspired me.

Linda said...

Congratulations again. It's always nice to get that kind of encouragement for your work. It's a beautiful image.

Framing Images and Memories said...

You should be confident...that is what we, in the photograph group, kept telling you. You are a creative person in many ways so keep challenging yourself!

Anonymous said...

wow...1st the fonda fair, now this...what's next?

great accomplishment!

see you ARE good!

:) ;)

philmary said...

Really exciting point for your personal history journal.!!! .What were some of the other pictures you entered?

Jacob R Parker said...

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Bridget said...

you know i love this photo.
well deserved award.
enjoy the moment.

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