Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A light in the darkness

These are recent pictures sent to me of the orphans in Kalomo, Zambia. My church generously gave a large sum of money earlier this year to provide food, clothing and blankets for the children during the rainy season. I'm thankful that God finds ways to provide for people in need and that people give when the need is great. The bags you see in the picture are filled with provisions and my gratitude can not be expressed. Jesus commands us to be a light to others (Matthew 5). Reminded of how these pictures show that light, I also took another macro shot of a burning candle wick. The first one is without noise ninja and the second is with. I really need to buy the license so that that watermark doesn't show up :)


Bridget said...

god bless the little children and those who care for them:)

trishalyn said...

Heartwarming images, Jayme! The world is a better place because of you!!!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the African children. We often forget how much of the world is in need. Blessings to you and your church for the work you're doing.

Good shots of the candle and the hard work that noise ninja does.

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