Saturday, October 10, 2009

Macro fix

You will notice a difference when enlarged between this picture and the one from yesterday. For some reason, my first shot was filled with a ton of noise. I downloaded noise ninja free trial and if you look at them both enlarged you will see how much of a difference noise ninja made. This image is watermarked because it is a trial, but I will probably buy the license eventually!
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Linda said...

Big, big difference. Thanks for the tutorial. I may look into that option. My camera goes to 1600 iso and I often use it in low light. The camera does a pretty good job with noise at the higher iso, but this noise ninja would definitely improve things.

Do you remember the settings you used for the original image. Did the noise have something to do with the settings you used?

trishalyn said...

Wow...that certainly did make a difference! Nice job...and thanks for the info!

One tip, though...I heard you may be in the market for a Mac (smart girl!!!). Apple's photo-editing program already comes with a "Reduce Noise" slider that is fantastic, so you may not need to purchase the ninja license. :-)

trishalyn said...

P.S. "Noise" can be an interesting effect...I really liked it in your previous corn shot! :-)

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