Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trish's assignment

Our assignment for the week was to take a picture of something close up, then another shot a little farther back, then another even farther back until we had the whole room with the object inside of it. Using my macro rings, I took the first two shots up close, then I used my standard 80mm lens to take the rest of the pictures. I mixed them down into the gif file you see here!
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Bridget said...

this is so cool.
it has a museum quality to it.
great job.

philmary said...

Very cool ..Have you ever played MIST ? This is like some of those transitions . It is cool how you do macro on two areas that are both brown and you do 80 mm on the whole area being brown but the lamp throwing light on the lace tablecloth .>What is in the aqua background ?

trishalyn said...

TERRIFIC!!! I love these images and how you presented them...wonderful interpretation of the assignment!

There's something about that last one...of the whole scene...that really strikes an emotion for me. Would you mind posting that one as an individual image? I would love to see it larger...and without it disappearing so quickly. :-)

Awesome job, Jayme!!! :-)

Linda said...

Very nice images. I love the progression from macro to the entire scene. Love the colors too.

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