Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Secret Room

In a kingdom far away, in a tall and crumbling castle, there once was a secret room. It held a young girl's dream and she longed to find the room and call it her own.
The girl believed that she would want nothing else out of life if she could just find the secret room and spend eternity inside of it. It was different than most rooms she knew; it had possibilities that she believed would make her happy. But one day, the girl saw a man who went into that room, someone who she knew and loved. The man, who had onced looked so handsome, and strong, was now worn and ragged. He was only a half a man, his face covered with anguish and age, his life traded away for the glories of the secret room.
The girl swore to herself that she would never become like the man, that she would never go to the secret room or desire it again.
Much later in life, the girl finally arrived at the secret room. But she was wiser than before. And though she saw old dreams floating before her eyes, she realized that they were not her dreams anymore. They were the dreams of others yet to come. And she was content because she found that the room was just one room in her castle. She would never become imprisoned there like the man had been. And she still had made rooms left to explore!


trishalyn said...

IMPRESSIVE!!! Wow...this is an incredible tale, illustrated with interesting images! You're really making me think today, Jayme!

Am I right in assuming that there is a reason for only the last image being in color? I believe that the b/w monotone images represent the girl's thoughts and dreams, but when she finally understands the truth...reality is seen in living color. Did I come close??? :-)

Terrific post, Jayme!!!

Bridget said...

great writing nd images!
i esp like the last one.
i was so happy to see a post from you:)

Framing Images and Memories said...

Terrific Job Jayme! The story is well written and, of course, I like when one is able to interpret the meaning of a tale. And of course I did! Great photos and it is nice to see you posting.

Linda said...

Very cryptic story. I like that the images are of only details. The story and the images combined definitely provoke curiosity.

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