Saturday, April 3, 2010

A beautiful day in the city

Our field trip for the month was to the NYS Museum where we saw an absolutely beautiful exhibit of photography that focused on life in America from the mid 1800's to modern times. I really enjoyed the exhibit and was amazed at how often breaking the rules actually produces a winning shot. We had a chance to view the city via the observation deck 40 stories up! Then we had lunch and walked around Albany, shooting anything that caught our interest. I found a couple of shots that I really liked and I even got some macros for our assignment, but I'm not sharing them until the next meeting :) Strangely enough, all of these photos to me center around the same theme or at least make me feel the same thing. Can you guess what that might be?


Trisha said...


These are all terrific, Jayme!!! Makes me wonder where I was and why I didn't see these shots?! I love the bees on the flowering tree...the red brick background really sets off the flowers. I especially love the flag image...the lighting is beautiful. Great street shots, too!

I'm too tired to think now, but I'll take a guess on the significance of your images: while America is broken in many ways, if we look hard enough we can find beauty and light; therefore, we still have hope.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I agree with Trish. American society is troublesome and without a steady and heartfelt movement by people, all that we will have is hope and a few bright spots of beauty.

Bridget said...

GREAT shots.
i esp like the flag shot , the layers are so appealing and the lightng is beautiful.
i also love the simplicity and beauty of the flowers against the brick.
i 'm thinking hope springs eternal:)

Linda said...

Very nice images. I like them because they're details, sections of larger objects. It's fun to force yourself to find something interesting in ordinary subjects. I think my fav is the last, with the graffiti because I love graffiti and here it is on an object where you don't usually see it.

My guess is: new birth/rebirth

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