Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emulating Eli Reed yet again

Tonight I went to Dr. Fraser's VIP grand opening party of The Coffee Beanery on Rt. 30. Mostly it seemed to be friends and co workers who came to try to coffee and pastries. I have lots of pictures to sift through from the event, but there were two moments when, just after I snapped the pictures, I thought, "Oh, I think I got a good one there!" Both pictures feature children and since I don't get to shoot young children much, it was really a treat for me. Again, I'm emulating Eli Reed whose portraits of people fascinate me to no end. These are not up to his quality but I hope they again represent the real-ness and simplicity of the subjects. I was lucky to catch the first one of the little girl on tippy toes waiting for her specialty drink, but I am especially taken by the second picture which is of a little girl frighteningly clutching her mother's leg. I am definitely going to enter that one in some sort of contest this year!


trishalyn said...

These are great, Jayme!!! I can't choose a them both! The b/w is terrific, too...keep them coming!!! :-)

Linda said...

Really nice Jayme. I love the look in the eyes of the shorter girl in the first image. Just for fun, try cropping out the taller girl so you'll just see the face and the eyes peering over the top of the table.

In the second image, using the adult as the prop for the child is great.

When you like a lot of the images taken at an event, isn't it hard to narrow them down to a manageable amount for the blog? hmmmm

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