Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Afternoon dreams

I spent most of the day inside, organizing, cleaning, etc. avoiding the wicked allergens that seem to be creeping around these days. But I couldn't help going out in the late afternoon sunshine to look for something worthy. Here is what I came up with: nothing special, just simple and beautiful in my opinion. I call these my afternoon dreams because they both seem dreamy to me!

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trishalyn said...

Very appropriately named...these ARE dreamy...and beautiful...images!

Shallow DOF emphasizes your subjects, and I like your choice of framing. The leaves appear to be changing color, though...a reminder that the end of summer is fast approaching. :-(

Savannah said...


Love the blog. great job.

You are invited to follow my blog. I think you would like it.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Simple and beautiful are great words and what makes great images! These are really nice.

Bridget said...

both beautiful images.
gorgeous lighting and color .
very,very nice.

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