Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Dark Side

Perhaps it's the cloudy overcast weather, but I've been feeling a little on the dark side when it comes to photography lately. Not that I enjoy seeing pictures of ruins and destruction; rather I would say I am seeing more beauty in certain darker aspects of life. These photos are the proof. As a former fire victim myself, I understand the heartache and despair one would feel from losing a home. These shots actually were not someone's home, but the ruin reminds me of the loss of my own home. In these shots, I see beauty and sorrow.

As for this shot, again, I see disrepair, but also a strong beauty. Something that has weathered decades of life and is still standing, determined, unafraid. Please let me know what you think of the tone of these images. I used an action on photoshop elements, something that is relatively new to me.


trishalyn said...

We were talking at dinner last night about how photos can be more meaningful when accompanied with writing. This is certainly the case with your first two images. They're both interesting, but I felt more emotion because of your writing.

As for your last photo...I really love that one! The contrast of the old red brick against the bright new growth of greenery is very appealing. The old window is the final element that really makes this image.

I'm not sure what you did in Photoshop, but these are all terrific. Great job!

Bridget said...

love the pix of the red plaid shirt in the ruins.i can almost see its owner.
love the tones you came up with in photo shop.
brick building image is terrific!

Linda said...

I like them all. Whatever you did really enhanced the tones. As I've said many other times, I love images of details. Even though these are images of destruction, the details are very cool.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Well, like your last photo, you know I like these! Dark enjoys company! Besides, these are really interesting to look at because they are different than the typical photos one sees. Like Linda said, the affects are really powerful to bring those images out.

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