Saturday, August 14, 2010

Having fun with the new lens!

I'm having lots of fun with the new lens and with photography in general the last few days. Today, I discovered that the NYS museum is having a photography exhibit beginning in September that is dedicated specifically to NYS landscapes. I hurriedly looked through my shots and submitted some, but thought, gee, I think I can find more out there somewhere. This first shot is sort of an accident. I actually just came upon this gorgeous field which I believe might be the same one "Zeezee" found a few days back. I shot in RAW and then changed my white balance to cloudy, uping the contrast just a hair.

This second shot I actually took last night. As the sun began to set, I traveled my vast yard in search of inspiration. I found it beneath my oak tree!

Who knows? Maybe one of my shots will be hanging on the wall of the museum in just a few weeks time! Definitely better than a first prize ribbon :)
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Zezee's View said...

I really like both shots, but I must admit, I love the second one - it is beautiful!!!

trishalyn said...

Stunning images!!! I love your business name "watermark," too...very professional!

Please tell me more about your new lens! :-)

Bridget said...

lovely images.
they should be in the museum!!!!!

Framing Images and Memories said...

Terrific colors and composition. I can definitely see any of your work in a museum. Im happy to hear you enjoying photography too.

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