Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lovely Fall

Mom had a great little road she had been wanting to take me on to get some pictures. It was a dead end road up in the woods past her house. Turned out to be just lovely with the fallen leaves which still had some color to them. I love how in this shot the road is off to the side and the line of trees leaves is the focus.I also snagged this shot outside of my mom's house, wheelbarrow filled with apples from the backyard. Definitely reminds me of how blessed I am to live in a small beautiful town and how wonderful it was to grow up in the country!


Bridget said...

i see that 1st one hanging in a museum :)...with a frame on it!!!!!

trishalyn said...

I agree! I gasped when I saw that first's absolutely stunning! That place could be the site of our field trip next fall...please?! :-)

I really love the apples in the wheelbarrow, too. It's an usual perspective that really grabbed my attention. You should enter that in next year's art show!

Linda said...

Both are beautiful, but the first is my favorite. The colors are great--it's fun to find so many fallen leaves that still have such nice color. The curving road really adds to the composition.

Framing Images and Memories said...

Terrific job..The road curving into the frame is spectacular and the simple subjects in photo 2 are so well done. I think sometimes I overlook and underappreciate the simple scenes around us. Thank you for constantly reminding me.

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