Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sheldon the Christmas turtle!

I came home tonight to a much anticipated guest...a Christmas present for my boyfriend's daughter and my first "pet" since living here. It's Sheldon, the Christmas turtle!

Sheldon is a Texas Map turtle and came from Florida this afternoon. He is roughly 2 inches in length, slightly bigger than an Oreo cookie, and he seems to be acclimating well. Truth be told, I always wanted a pet turtle as a kid so even though this isn't a gift for me, I still feel like it's fulfilling one of those long lost childhood dreams :)


lindsey said...

Omg he is so cute. Good luck with your temporary pet. Im sure the turtle will be appreciated by the little girl. The pics are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

He is adorable! I collect turtles, so friends got me two real ones for my 15th birthday. I loved them - and so did the cat. :)

But why is this your first pet? Where are the bunnies?

trishalyn said...

Great shots, Jayme! Maybe Santa will bring you a pet, too!!! :-)

imagesisee said...

Cute photos. So now you can enjoy the turtles vicariously.

I had some turtles when I was young and it was fun having them.

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