Saturday, October 11, 2008

A birthday party in the country

My grandfather's birthday is on Tuesday and the family got together to celebrate with dinner tonight. It's always fun having a nice relaxing dinner in the country with my grandparents. They are such down to earth, simple people with good senses of humor and a real sense of what is important in life. So today, I wanted to experiment more with lighting.

Firstly, I tried to re-create my hay rake with better framing(see post from Oct. 8th)...not sure if that was accomplished. You be the judge.

Second, the reflecting pools of water on a farming road caught my attention and so I went out there to see what I could see.

Wish I could have done more with reflections in the pools, but chocolate cream pie was waiting, as was my family. I'm extremely blessed to have them!


Framing Images and Memories said...

These photos are your BEST yet!!! Spectacular!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the road/path photo. That image is exactly the type of picture that I am attracted to. Simple, "empty", mystery, etc. Im going to have it as my background on my computer...probably illegally so, but I love it! Your first photo is so much improved and I didn't really think the original idea was poor. Now that you moved it is a much "better" photo- you know what I mean? I wouldn't know it could have been improved so much until I saw this image. Great Job! and Happy Birthday to your Grandfather!

trishalyn said...

As I viewed your photos, I kept saying to myself "wow", "WOW"..."WOOWWWW"! I was thinking "These are Jayme's best ones to date." Then I read Steve's comment and he had written exactly what I was thinking! Actually, I think all of us have shown growth in just the 12 days we've been doing this "challenge"...and challenge, it is! I appreciate your taking the advice to heart about the hay rake. I, too, think this image is very much improved from the first one. Just a slight difference in angle can make a big difference. The last image was captured that lovely late day golden light...and the image looked so crisp! The silhouette was great, too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images!

Roger Bell said...

Celebrate that you have a grandfather. Both of mine died before I was born.

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