Sunday, October 12, 2008

Auger Falls

Today started out so hectic and discouraging, I had to get away and find some time to be outdoors. After a mid morning nap to calm myself, I drove to Auger Falls, one of my favorite little known places to be. But today, it was well known...there were 5 other cars in the parking area before I got there. I still managed to have a quiet trip on the short trail. Being outdoors is sometimes like meditation for me. And the day was so lovely and crisp, I just enjoyed being there. When my mind is swimming with problems or worries, the best way to escape them for me is to find some other way to occupy my mind. Being outdoors gives me peace and comfort.

More moving water pictures...the first one looks like ice even though it wasn't!

But my favorites were on the way back to my car, when I layed down on my back and took pictures of the forest.


Framing Images and Memories said...

Great Job..I love trees! I find them very reassuring that standing tall and strong they reach for something 'higher'. I like that notion.

Breezey375 said...

Amazing pics! Really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yo, HB, these are great! And you will be amazed at the similarity to the ones I took over the weekend. Check it out:

trishalyn said...

Wish I knew where all those great waterfalls are located! :-)
I agree with you...the trees are my favorite, too. I liked your creativity in composing those beautiful images. Great job!

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