Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hand of Power

Is it just me or is life getting so busy and hectic, I can hardly breathe? When are things going to slow down? Or maybe I'm just spinning inside while the rest of the world is enjoying a leisurely pace.

I wanted to get back to that old farm equipment and see if I could improve my last picture from yesterday. But I got too busy and now, I'm leaving for a meeting! So my post for today is called Hand of Power. I must be a writer...I like to name my pictures. I feel like a name sort of breathes life into them. My 7th graders registered to vote this morning for the mock election at school and I took some shots of them, most of which didn't turn out well because with 7th graders, there is so much movement and when they see a camera, they go crazy with the funny faces and acrobatics. I was looking for a more revealing picture. This is by no means a good picture, but Hand of Power is special to me because it shows determination. We see the hand of a young person, poised on the table getting ready to register to vote. But really, what we are seeing is the hand of a young person in the face of some of the most difficult and challenging times most of us have ever seen in our lives. And the hand isn't backing down; it's about to act. It's refreshing because as I look at this picture, I realize I am seeing a young person with power. Power to change our world. Call me an idealist, but I really believe that one person can make a difference. I really believe that people are basically good inside and one act in a sea of chaos can turn the tide. So the hand is in sharp focus and the rest of the scene is the mismatched motion of life that swirls around us. It represents our world right now and the power that one person can have to work for the good. Wish I had stopped to see whose hand it was. Maybe that student WILL one day do something amazing in the world. I can always hope.


Framing Images and Memories said...

Who doesn't appreciate a 'power' picture. Great description- I agree that you are a writer! I like the movement in the image with the one hand in focus. Nice Job!

linda said...

Love the image and the concept. Very creative.

trishalyn said...

Very creative shot, Jayme! Your explanation was great, too, and made the image more meaningful for me.

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