Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A visit to the chicken farmer's house!

I had a lovely visit with "Chicken Farmer", a.k.a my grandparents this afternoon. My grandparents are restoring the barn on their property. But oddly enough, it was the surrounding area that caught my attention. There are always plenty of chickens running around there (he even has fan tail pigeons) and there also happened to be some Amish neighbors working on the barn while I was there. I know from having contact with them for a few years now that they don't want their pictures taken (it's offensive to them) but I had to snap this shot of the chickens grazing by one of their wagons...too cute!

From there, I looked around and saw some antique farm equipment. I got a few nice shots before the sun went down. Totally different picture than what I was expecting, but I guess life is all about the unexpected. Sometimes things come into your life that you weren't even looking for. I'm thankful for things like that, like this blog and this photography group. What a blessing to share and create something new everyday. It's nothing earth shattering...but the experience has more meaning to me than you might guess!


trishalyn said...

How fortunate you are, Jayme, to have a chicken farm in the family! My husband used to rake the hay on his parents' farm with a "contraption" just like your second image. He said it's really called a "horse rake"...because you sit in the middle of it and the horses used to pull it. Loved the beautiful fall foliage in the background. My favorite, though, was the 3rd image! I wondered if it could be framed with the trees centered between the intersecting lines? Hope you post more photos from the farm...great job!

trishalyn said...

P.S. What I meant was...maybe next time you could get even lower to the ground so the trees in the background are completely framed by the tines of the rake?

Roger Bell said...

I grew up on a farm in Georgia. I can relate.

Framing Images and Memories said...

I really like the colors of your photos today. I like the 3rd image as well and agree with Trish about framing with the trees. The chicken picture though captures my interest more and more as I look at several times. Nice to see that you are healthy enough to get out of the house!

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