Monday, October 13, 2008

Traveling suitcase

Hi everyone! I'm preparing to travel to Vermont today for a conference tonight. I'm really looking forward to spending the time with my Mom and getting some reprieve from what has been a busy start to my school and a stressful new beginning at my church. Because I'll be taking my time going up, I'm posting my picture for today now because I don't know if we'll have internet access where we are going although it's probably likely. I don't want to miss a day:)

For here is my is a wooden suitcase I have just sort of hanging around. It reminded me of today's trip and how much I'm looking forward to it!


Framing Images and Memories said...

Aren't old trunks and suitcases wonderful! I hope your trip was terrific and that you are rested up for another challenging week! Good Job Jayme!

trishalyn said...

What an interesting suitcase! Hope you are having a great trip...and looking forward to your next posting! :-)

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