Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A tribute to fire

(Thanks Trish for the info! You inspired me!)
I've always loved campfires. I love watching a fire as it begins and grows and seems like wind the way it ripples as it travels through a bundle of dry wood at night. I was the kid who just sat there and stared into the flames, enjoying the solitude and beauty of a simple blaze where people could crowd around to warm themselves. I loved watching when flickering pieces of embers would rise silently into a starry sky, disappearing against the deep bluish black canvas sprinkled with glowing stars. So after checking out Trish's early morning pictures and asking her how she did it all, I decided to try something similar except on a triple wick red candle I have here at home. I like the resulting images. Looking at them makes me want to pack up all my camping stuff and head for the woods. Also, it reminds me of the last time I sat around a quiet campfire...Africa. Oh, how I miss Africa!

(This one is my favorite...which do you like? The one above or the one below in lake reflection mode?)


trishalyn said...

OOOOOOHHH.....nice, Jayme!!! I LOVE your fire images...such beautiful colors!!! The "lake reflection" mode is definitely my favorite! Looks like you had fun creating these images. I think the more enjoyment we get from our photography, the better we become! A+++ for you, today, Jayme!

linda said...

Nice shots, Jayme. I really like the last one best, but they're all very interesting. Guess I'm going to have to experiment with this myself someday soon. Great inspiration for the rest of us.

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