Monday, December 1, 2008

Dusk reflection

The last few days have been a blur for me. I can't even remember what my pictures were of for the last few days. I think Judy's death is affecting me harder than I thought it would. I have a peace about it, but it's still hard to imagine not seeing her or hearing her laughter or feeling her hugs which were always so full of love. Sometimes you hug someone and you can tell they are distracted or not feeling well. But Judy's hugs always had love behind them.
I tried to get a new reflection picture from far away, but the basic zoom wouldn't cut it and it came out blurry. But that's okay because I am feeling sort of blurry today myself. So I added an oil painting filter and here is what I have:
I don't feel like doing much, but God seems to be telling me, get up and get that camera out. Don't let this picture pass you by!


Framing Images and Memories said...

It is good to keep busy and be productive so I'm happy to see this post. In addition, your post is cool! I like the oil painting, one I haven't used but will try. Thanks for sharing this with us.

linda said...

Very interesting. I like the colors. But Steve's right, keeping busy is probably the best thing to do. I always find that photographing is my way out of the doldrums.

Bridget said...

the image is great.
i hope you are feeling better.i know this is a difficult time for you.

trishalyn said...

I really like this image...and the filter you chose (I'm glad the original was blurry). I'm sorry you are hurting right now. Time will help soften the pain. Please remember we all care about you.

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