Saturday, January 10, 2009

The door assignment

I had a plan for this assignment, but sleeping in sort of put the kybosh on that. So I found myself looking for a door picture and came across this:
These hinges are on the doors of my kitchen cupboards. I wish they were fancier, but I still like the way the picture turned out anyway. The wood looks rich and I like the diagonal line that is visible.


Linda said...

Nice job. I like the rich wood look too and he angle. Nice thinking.

Framing Images and Memories said...

You can laugh, because you know my creepy-movie side, however I see Alfred Hitchcock..great job

Bridget said...

the color of the wood is beautiful.i love the simple hinges.
nicely done and a good idea for the assignment.

trishalyn said...

I love the rich color and composition of this image! Are those hinges really that color? Beautifully done, Jayme! Also, thank you for a fun game, and wonderful topic. I think we all did an amazing job of capturing "doors"!!!

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