Friday, January 9, 2009

A world of ice

In Dante's ninth and last stage of hell, the scene is surprisingly different from what our common concepts might be. We picture little red devils with pitchforks and roaring fires; Dante pictured a world of ice, " where the shades were covered wholly by ice, showing like straw in glass".

Today I decided to take some pictures of the ice clinging to the top of my car. The sunlight was just beautiful, reflecting off the roof of the car and the shards of ice. The first picture is at normal coloring, no editing involved.
The second, I turned up the saturation and I loved how the light was so much more visible within the ice!
(Enlarge if you can!) It actually looks like Dante's description (straw in glass) or even like flakes of delicate gold laced within the ice. I really like both pictures.


Bridget said...

great idea jayme.
i really like these photos also.

philmary said...

Can't go big. Who were those 3 other suffering beings down there with Satan?

What does immobility symbolize?

Linda said...

I couldn't enlarge the images either. Really good idea though. I'm wondering where you're getting the images on the top of the blog?

trishalyn said...

I really like both images, too...but I love the second one!!! I couldn't enlarge them, either. Except for one image posted the other day, I have not been able to enlarge any of yours since you went to the new format. ?????? I would love to see that ice photo enlarged! :-)

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